Alive, but not living.
Thai/Swedish :) currently living in Sweland! ...hmm
  1. My things from fitnessguru arrived today! :D I was really excited to pick them up, until i had to carry 11kgs home hahahah …Oh and i ordered only the custom shaker, but i got a white one too? Free i guess :D

    But! It was good exercise i guess even though i went to the gym today and worked out for 1hr 15mins; where i was on the warming up machines for about 30mins then i moved on to muscle training etc, then stretching. It’s really nice :) i wanna go tomorrow too but i’ll take a day off for my body and go friday instead…plus i got some studying to catch up on :S been procrastinating that because gymming is much more fun!!

    I tried the noodles too, they taste kinda like glass noodles! Just that they’re thicker and they smell a bit fishy (like squid) cuz they’re soaked in water. Other than that i think the noodles are great :) i haven’t really experimented, but when i have the recipes will be up here!

    That’s it i guess. Im off to shower!

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